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the pregnancy ~~~

- Four more laser appointments
- Dr Courey and the froggy voice
- The first time I put on heels
* First laser appointment
- At the drafting table with iris
Initial Consult with Dr Jess Ting
    + Info Packet

learning how to be ~~~

Existing in women-only spaces
Voice therapy lessons with Rachel
* I got bangs and suddenly began to be treated as a woman
* CTMS support group
* In Search of Self-Care
New zone / Court zone
* PR #47f4b96 Changes ‘chris to crystal’
The last day at Silent Barn
Opening up new relationships 

at first we had no words and no emotions ~~~ 

- Can’t you just meditate on that
- Coming out
- espylacopa

the san francisco years
- OMGpride
- g’s book clinic
- is that a dress?
- you’re a gay man’s wet dream

norma carries a girl to be named christina  ~~~
* 0344am

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what is this website?
a transwoman’s account of transitioning medically at the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine. Surprisingly very little information exists, from a client perspective, on the type of care they provide, so this is a resource for women seeking medical care at this facility. This covers bottom-surgery, laser hair removal, hormone replacement therapy, social work, speech pathology, and therapy.

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I want to join the club


norma carries a girl to be named christina

San Diego

i was told this piece of information at a young age

hey mom what happened to christina
Well, Matthew, Christina Became Christopher
so i don’t have a sister
No I’m Sorry

when i was told this at a young age my parents said they didn’t do a gender reveal and my parents told me they were expecting a girl to be born and went through all the usual routes of purchasing pink things and the girl cabbage patch dolls. i remember those dolls sitting in their unopened packages in my Grandmother Dolores’ room they sat above her full size mirror on a shelf near the ceiling. of course i had to ask now that i had come out as a woman to my parents. my dad has this to say

Well We Didn’t Get Christina But We Did End Up Getting A Girl Anyway, She Just Came Thirty Years Later. Your Aunts All Said Your Mom Was Carrying A Girl And They Could Tell Just By The Way Her Body Looked. Your Grandmother Also Did This Guamanian Ritual For Pregnant Women With A String Or Something And It Was A Gender Reveal And She Said You Were Going To Be A Girl As Well.

my grandmother’s garage with a placard above the washer/dryer