Crystal’s Vagina Club have a look at some of our stones

the remaining laser appointments got slightly worse with pain as I progressed through the sessions. i was worried that laser wouldn’t be effective as electrolysis but Jonas the tech assured me I would be fine. in terms of pain, electrolysis has been a long drawn out process where I enter a zen meditation to deal with the pain over an hour session. the tech tweezing at my face felt like a songbird pruning a nest of twigs, precisely poking and rearranging. laser sessions on the face weren’t too bad and sort of like someone flinging rubber bands at your face. getting laser on your balls and dick is like if the rubber bands were dipped in Cholula. the nice thing about the laser pen is that you get hit with a cold jet of air before the laser comes.

the laser appointments are brief and one time I was done before my appointment even started. on the last appointment, Jonas went through the routine of lasering the top of the bush lasering the base of my cock lasering up the shaft and lasering my frenulum lasering my down to my scrotum and testicles lasering the taint. he finished by lasering right above my anus and i thought to myself did i just get a love tap?