Crystal’s Vagina Club have a look at some of our stones

I got bangs and suddenly began to be treated as a woman


first day of bangs

[co-working space in midtown]
Hi There Nice To Meet My Name Is Mitchell. hi mitchell my name is crystal. Do You Work Here? yeah i’ve been here for about a year. Oh Interesting, I’ve Never Seen You Around Here. yeah i dunno.

[outside muchmore’s]
oh hey there’s the crew.
Hey Ya’ll. we all gave our hellos to david watson who was at muchmore’s for his work series. it’s nice breaking the ice on arrival when your friends are hanging out in the front. we went around saying hi.
Hey There I’m Matt Ostrowski
hey matt i’m crystal, we played a work show earlier this year.
Oh Strange Okay Yeah I Ummm... Nice To Meet Ya!