Crystal’s Vagina Club have a look at some of our stones

me posing with an empty jug of gavilyte-g

hi This Is Dr Ting’s Office good morning We’re Just Reminding You That You Have To Drink All The Bowel Cleansing Solution okay great i’m excited Good Luck

Nothing much to report on for day zero other than putting the last touches on the room for surgery. I moved around a few things in the room swept for the last time and got my Raspberry Pi 3 set up with a bunch of video games. at 8am i made some breakfast tacos and that was my last meal before surgery. there’s a list of clear fluids you can have just nothing with dye. i bought some apple juice because i used to drink treetop juice as a kid. i made the bowel cleansing solution which was flavored with lemon and filled up the entire plastic jug with water and then stuck it in the fridge for a few hours. at noon i pulled out a mug with an arizona state flag on it and filled it up with the solution and started chugging. according to the instructions, i’m supposed to drink 8 ounces every 15 minutes and finish no later than 9pm. it was more of a chore to keep up on the 15 minutes so i kept setting and resetting alarms in between Earthbound. the taste wasn’t great and i always found this part as sort of a joke as i spend my last final dick moments peeing out of my ass. baby wipes help keep everything clean and dry. i finished by 4:30pm and received a call at 5pm from the hospital to show up at 4:45 tomorrow morning. my energy felt pretty good despite not having anything to eat for the entire day. i packed together my backpack for the hospital and all the things i wanted during recovery like a bluetooth speaker a journal and a few phone chargers. i went to sleep around 11pm and woke up around 3am out of sheer excitement. i threw on my transistor sister tanktop and did a quick one-card tarot pull and was on my way to eye and eye infirmary 


i checked in at the front desk at eye and ear infirmary and i got registered at the hospital as a patient. my dad and my step-mom were visiting from the west coast and they met up with me at the hospital. the staff took some brief personal information and then sent me to the second floor. a nurse pointed me to the recovery area where i’ll be right after surgery and on the bed was a gown and hair net to change into. we waited in a pretty tiny recovery room and the girl next to my room was trans and she was getting top surgery. my dad looked around I Hope This Isn’t The Room Where You’ll Be At For a Few Nights. i don’t think it is, i heard the rooms here are really nice. Okay Good We’ll Ask About It. a nurse and the anathesiologist came by to take some medical history questions and get me set up in a gown. the anathesiologist set an IV line and i saw a cluster of stones tightly wrapped together hanging from his necklace.

those are nice rocks. I’m Trans I Need All The Help I Can Get. my name is crystal. Hi I’m Doctor Nick Sorry It Don’t Say So On My Badge Even This Place Has Some Growing To Do. that’s too bad. nice to meet you. So When You Go In You’ll Lie Down On The Table And We’ll Start Your IV Drip The Room Might Feel Like It’s Spinning And Then You’ll Be Out. When You Wake Up I’ll Tell You To Not Touch Your Face Most Patents Feel Like They Have To Do That. You’ll Be Back In This Recovery Room And Then When You’re Up They’ll Wheel You Upstairs To Your Room. thanks doctor nick i’ll see you soon. Congrats.

Dr Ting shows up and it’s almost showtime for 7:30am. hey dr ting. Hey Crystal. Did You Get A Chance To Tuck How Did That Go? i tried out something different called foreskin restoration and i made some pretty good progress the foreskin is now slightly covering my glans tip. That’s Excellent. Sign these. i sign a consent form. a nurse shows up and she gives us information about my room location where my partner and dad and step-mom can post up while i’m in surgery. i change into the gown and hair net and some slippers. i’m feeling confident but i also remember getting a little stomach tightness and butterflies. a nurse enters and tells me they’re ready for me in the operating room. i take off my glasses, say my goodbyes and am led past a few double doors into the surgery room. the room looked like it was from a different world totally alien and i loved it. they helped me up on the surgery table and dr nick started his intravenous line. hey dr nick. Hey There I’m Starting Your IV We’ll Have You Asleep Soon. You’ll Feel Relaxed From The Anti-Anxiety Medication. cool i’ll just sit here and breathe it’s something i found really helpful for pain. Do You Meditate Like That Too? yeah it’s really good for that too. Then i was out.